Salesian Leadership Retreat

The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry coordinates the Salesian Leadership Retreats with parishes and schools that take place in January, March, and October.

Our October and March Salesian Leadership Retreat is designed for young people from Salesian schools.

Our January Salesian Leadership Retreat is designed for young people from parishes, youth centers and Salesian works.

These three leadership retreats provide a chance for introspection and community building; to increase the young person’s understanding of their mission as a leader, as well as their irreplaceable role and unique ability to be instruments of the Kingdom of God, as disciples in the Salesian spirit.

Through journaling, discussions, activities, prayer and personal witnesses, students experience a new awareness of themselves, others and God.

Salesian Leadership Retreats are intended for students who have already demonstrated clear leadership abilities or potential and receptivity to religion.

Students are elected to attend the retreat who are deemed able to envision goals for their schools/parishes and enact practical action steps to help their schools/parishes reach those goals.

Through the prayerful setting of a Salesian retreat, youth are given the opportunity to step away from their normal routines and to have a new encounter with Jesus Christ, to build relationships, and to be encouraged to help transform the world in view of the Reign of God.