Prayer Intention for July 19-25, 2019

18 Jul 2019

This week, please keep in your prayers Salesian Lay Missioner Alaina Mikulcik and all those she is serving. Alaina was commissioned for service at Hogar Sagrado Corazon in Montero, Bolivia. Her hometown is Louisville, Ky., and she is an alumna of Western Kentucky University.


What do you expect to do on mission?

“Love the poverty of Christ in his precious children, to love his simplicity, his neediness, his joy and creativity, generosity and love.”


Why have you joined the Salesian Lay Missioner program and/or what do you hope to accomplish through your SLM mission?

“I was sent to bring Christ to these kids. To be someone happy to see them, to be a good example of how to live; working beside them in chores and homework. To show them patience, forgiveness, generosity, and joy. And above all, I just want my girls to know that they are valuable, that they are worth respect and time and gifts and love. That they are beautiful. That they are beyond precious even on the hardest days. I hope they know.”


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