Salesian Saints: Bl. Joseph Calasanz, Henry Saiz, and Companions

15 Sep 2020

September 22, obligatory memorial by Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, SDB, and Father Giorgio Mocci, SDB* A dramatic, bloody civil war, a conflict characterized by passionate ideological enmities, convulsed Spain between 1936 and 1939. The Church in Spain paid a price exacted especially in the violent persecution of anarchist militias. Thousands

Season of Creation: Respect Creation

13 Sep 2020

by Fr. Samson D. Antony, SDB, OLGC Parish, Surrey, BC, Canada The dedication of September to celebrate God’s creation joyfully is meaningful and the need of the time. Indeed, the Season of Creation lasts till Sunday, October 4, the feast of St. Francis of Assisi, the saint of the nature

Season of Creation: Enhance Creation

06 Sep 2020

by Julia St. Clair and Fr. Tim Zak Today marks the beginning of Week Two for the Season of Creation. Now through Saturday, September 12, we celebrate creation through a key part of any growth: we enhance it. How can we best enhance creation? We plant and restore. Some of

Season of Creation: Enjoy Creation

01 Sep 2020

by Julia St. Clair Today marks the beginning of the Five-Week Plan for the Season of Creation. From today through Saturday, September 5, we celebrate creation through one simple and beautiful concept: we enjoy it. How can we best accomplish this? As Fr. Savio Silveira, SDB, Provincial of Mumbai, India

“Rethink. Reconnect. Renew” with the Don Bosco Green Alliance

26 Aug 2020

by Julia St. Clair In 2015, Pope Francis published Laudato Sì. Since this year is the fifth anniversary of His Holiness’ second encyclical, he declared 2020 a special Laudato Sì year. One Salesian organization that embodies Laudato Sì above and beyond is the Don Bosco Green Alliance. Their work is

Salesian Saints: Bl. Maria Troncatti

25 Aug 2020

by Bishop Enrico dal Covolo, SDB, and Father Giorgio Mocci, SDB* Maria Troncatti was born at Corteno Golgi in the Italian province of Brescia on February 16, 1883, into a large family of mountain stockbreeders. Between the fields and care for her little siblings, she grew up happy and hardworking

Happy Birthday, Don Ángel!

20 Aug 2020

by Julia St. Clair The Rector Major, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, will celebrate his 60th birthday tomorrow, Friday, August 21. As members of the Salesian family, we rejoice with our Rector Major on his special day and milestone birthday. Fr. Fernández was born in Gozón-Luanco, Asturias, Spain. He made his

“Post-Chapter Reflection:” Rector Major Gives Congregation “Road Map” for 2020-2026

14 Aug 2020

(ANS – Rome – August 14, 2020) – It is called “Post-Chapter Reflection” instead of “Chapter Document,” as has been the custom, given that the general chapter assembly had not approved this document. GC28, instead, asked the Rector Major and his council to accept the request to bring the work

Presentation of Strenna 2021: “Hope moves us: ‘Behold, I make all things new’ (Rev. 21:5)”

12 Aug 2020

(ANS – Rome – August 4, 2020) – After having spoken with many provincials, heard their needs, and following his consultation of members of the general council and leaders of the Salesian Family and the Salesians of the Central Office in Rome, the Rector Major elaborated the theme of the strenna

Salesian Saints: Bl. Titus Zeman, SDB

26 Dec 2019

   Bl. Titus Zeman, SDB priest and martyr January 8, optional memorial   edited from The Slovak Spectator and Wikipedia Persecuted and tortured, now beatified             Sticking someone’s head into a bucket of excrement was one way the Communists treated clerics. In Slovakia under Communism, speaking up openly about one’s