Salesian Family Gives Back During Pandemic

04 Oct 2020

Photo credit: Salesian Family Snippets, Volume II, Issue 9

By Fr. Tim Zak

Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! In pre-pandemic times, we might be thinking about how many more days we have to get our holiday shopping done or who will offer the best deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year is different. Looking at the devastating effects the coronavirus has had on so many people, concerns about the Thanksgiving menu or my Christmas shopping list seem insignificant. As Salesians, with hearts filled with the pastoral charity of the Good Shepherd, we ask ourselves, “What can we do to help others in need?”

Since September, Salesian Family Snippets has included some articles about Salesian works reaching out to those in greatest need. For the November and December editions, we would like to feature Salesian works that are making special efforts to help families affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Almost every Salesian work celebrates these holidays with their faculty and staff, students, and volunteers; we expect these ordinary activities to go on. For Salesian Family Snippets, we are looking for the extraordinary activities that express the self-sacrificing love of our Lord, whose inner being was moved with pity for the crowds when they were hungry. This invitation to make Don Bosco’s work known is sent out not only to the SDBs, but every group of the Salesian Family of Don Bosco. Stories and photos can be sent to Fr. Tom Dunne at or Sr. Denise Sickinger at, and cc Julia St Clair at While we can’t guarantee that every story will be included in Salesian Family Snippets, some stories may be posted on the province social media or on our website