Rome: Fifth Advocacy Meeting for Salesian Organizations

01 Mar 2018

(ANS – Rome – February 28) – Salesian organizations engaged in public advocacy on behalf of the young, the poor, and the marginalized met in Rome on February 26. This fifth Salesian advocacy meeting was organized by the Don Bosco Network and supported by Don Bosco International. Participants included the SDB general councilors for missions and youth ministry, Fr. Guillermo Basañes (front, 2nd from left) and Fr. Fabio Attard (front, 3rd from right), respectively, and more than 20 representatives of Salesian organizations who shared their advocacy actions in several fields. Among the latter were Fr. Thomas Pallithanam, Salesian ECOSOC representative at the United Nations (front, far right), and Jaime Correa from Salesian Missions, New Rochelle (not pictured).

Among other topics, the representatives and councilors discussed the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and Migration, including input from the Vatican’s Section for Migrants and Refugees, particularly the Holy See’s document on U.N.’s “Global Compact.” The meeting concluded with Fr. Attard’s presenting the Frame of Reference for Youth Ministry and its application to advocacy. The advocacy meeting grows year after year, as well as the number of joint initiatives that Salesian organizations develop together.


(Accruals and edition  by Fr. Mike Mendl)