Rest in Peace, Jesus Urtasun

16 Nov 2020

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By Fr. Tim Zak

Fr. Lou Aineto received the news of the death of Jesus Urtasun, a former member of the SUE province. He was commonly known as Joseph (or Joe) Urtasun. That was his middle name; Jesus his first name. Jesus Jose Urtasun was born in Pamplona on Aug. 4, 1935. He arrived in the US on August 31, 1953. He graduated from Don Bosco College, Newton in June 1956 and made perpetual profession on September 8, 1959 at Newton. He studied theology in Barcelona 1960-1962 and Bollengo 1962-1964. He served in Don Bosco Tech, Paterson, Archbishop Shaw, Marrero and Salesian High, New Rochelle. Then he volunteered for the South American missions and in 1968 was sent to Paraguay. He left the Salesians and married civilly in New Jersey in August 1972. He became, at least for a time, a high school language teacher. He maintained affectionate ties with various confreres. May he rest in peace.