Quebec: Lay Missioner Helping at Le Salésien

17 Oct 2019

(Sherbrooke, Que. – October 15) – My name is Pascal-De-Madeleine M. Mukuye, a Canadian citizen; originally I’m from the Democratic Republic of Congo, however. I met St. John Bosco on my discernment journey, and I was deeply touched and transformed by his love of God and the young, his holiness, poverty, humility, and obedience to the Church.

After speaking with Frs. Jim Berning and Dominic Tran, I was sent to Sherbrooke, to live in a Salesian community. The goal is to learn more about the Salesian spirituality, charism, and ministry and to discover more about St. John Bosco. Upon my arrival in Sherbrooke, I have been participating in different activities, e.g., JMS class, Pastoral Day, and Bosco Bicycle gatherings, both at school—Le Salésien—and at Camp Savio. I was tasked with supervising the young at Le Salésien during different hours; also, I am available to carry out any prescribed task. At the house, I am very happy to partake in community life.





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