Italy: CG28: Working Document Drafted

30 Oct 2019

(ANS – Rome – October 28) – The precapitular commissions of the 28th General Chapter, namely, those on the theme of the chapter and on juridical topics, have completed the drafting phase of GC28’s working document. It was prepared by the members of the commissions during two meetings held at Salesian Headquarters in Rome last month (from September 9-20 and 23-30). It is currently being circulated to all the provinces.

As part of the meetings, the precapitular commission on the theme of the chapter carefully analyzed the contributions received from the various provinces, from groups or individual confreres as well as the ideas offered by the young.

Similarly, the precapitular commission on the juridical aspects gathered both the observations on which the different provincial chapters were called to express themselves, and the contributions from the Rector Major and his council.

The fruit of the work of these commissions is the present working document, drawn up specifically as the basis for the discernment to be carried out by the 243 chapter members who, from February 16 to April 4, 2020, will meet at Valdocco to discuss together the question, “What kind of Salesians for today’s young people?”

The general chapter, as the supreme authority of the whole Congregation, will complete the discernment through its discussions and the approval of a final document, which will be the fruit of the chapter.

The working document has been subdivided, for practical reasons, into two texts: the document on the theme of the chapter and the document on juridical aspects.

The latter presents the different challenges for the life of the Congregation and the juridical solutions that can be adopted to deal with them, at the level of modifications of individual articles of the Constitutions and other fundamental texts of the Congregation. The text on the chapter theme is structured in three parts to reflect the process of discernment proposed by Pope Francis’s apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium (recognizing, interpreting, choosing), each applied to the three thematic nuclei that articulate the general theme.

— Priority of the Salesian mission among the youth of today;
— Profile of the Salesian for today’s youth;
— Together with the laity in mission and formation.

Aware that the process of discernment cannot proceed without the guidance of God, the members of the commissions, led by Fr. Stefano Vanoli, moderator of GC28, state in the introduction to the working document: “In this epochal change, the Holy Spirit is moving the Church toward a new youth…. As it has guided the synodal experience, we are certain that the Lord Jesus will also guide the journey of the Congregation toward the new horizons of its mission.”

working document on Juridical Topics