General Council Meets for Intermediate Session

29 Mar 2018

(ANS – Rome – March 22) – Ordinarily, intermediate sessions of the general council take place in spring and autumn with the Rector Major, his vicar, the sector councilors (formation, youth ministry, communications, missions, and finances), and from time to time a regional councilor taking part. In these intermediate sessions, specific topics to be submitted to the general council in plenary sessions are studied. The ordinary plenary sessions, usually lasting three months, are scheduled in summer and winter.

But from March 19 to 28, an intermediate session has been in progress with the Rector Major and the whole general council. Their task is to prepare for the 28th General Chapter. General Regulations art. 111-112 indicate the obligations of this preparatory session. The Rector Major and council must decide on the purpose and topics of GC28, its starting date, and its location. All this will be indicated by the letter convoking GC28, which will appear in the next issue of Acts of the General Council.

The choice of the location is especially important since the Congregation no longer possesses the Generalate on via della Pisana.

The Rector Major also has the responsibility of choosing the moderator and the constitution of the technical commission, which will have the task of indicating how the Salesians, the provinces, and especially the provincial chapters are to participate in GC28’s preparation. It will also be important to specify how the provincial chapters will take place.

Eight team visits, recently carried out in the Congregation’s seven regions, undoubtedly gave Fr. Fernandez and the council an opportunity to listen to the provinces, through the participation of provincials and provincial councils in those gatherings. These convocations are a great help for the general council for discerning the priorities of the Congregation in response to the needs of the times, the Church, and the young.