Casa Don Bosco Project Opens Up Salesian Historical Sites in Valdocco

10 Oct 2019

(ANS – Rome – October 9) – Last May 24 Giampietro Pettenon, president of Missioni Don Bosco, explained to ANS the Casa Don Bosco project, a new space that will be inaugurated in 2020,.

The pilgrims who arrived in Valdocco on May 24 no doubt noticed the large construction site, which involved the bedrooms and the whole building of the so-called Pinardi House, including the church of St. Francis de Sales.

The Rector Major, in fact, following the request of the 27th General Chapter, with the intention of adequately appreciating the value of Salesian historical sites, personally took up the commitment to build a new museum, specifically Casa Don Bosco. It will be established in the buildings that Don Bosco himself built to welcome boys to Valdocco. A part of the museum will be opened during GC28, while the other areas will be made available in the course of 2020. The opening of the new museum represents a unique opportunity to rediscover Salesian history and the places in which Don Bosco lived and worked.

The recovery of these new spaces is told in two videos wherein Mr. Pettenon not only illustrates the project, but takes the viewer into the building site itself, where masons and workers are working to bring these places back to light, places fundamental to our Salesian roots. During the restoration work that began in May, the workers discovered a basement built by Don Bosco with his fellow Salesians and young people. In the videos, Mr. Pettenon shows us the elements that have remained intact, such as the oven, the well, the old pulley, and even the stairs that connected the basement to the attic, where there were small rooms, daily traveled by Don Bosco, Mama Margherita, Father Rua, and Dominic Savio.

With the opening of this construction site, therefore, the places of Don Bosco’s everyday life are uncovered, and more Salesian history emerges. It is clearly a very important discovery for the Salesians and the Salesian Family from all over the world.

There will be two videos to explain the Casa Don Bosco project, both presented by Mr. Pettenon. To these a third will be added, which will instead focus on Colle Don Bosco. The first video is already available in six languages ​​on ANSChannel. The videos will in fact be uploaded in the different channels, divided by language, so as to make it easy for users to find the audiovisual materials in the language they prefer.