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...a worldwide organization founded by St. John Bosco, the second largest Catholic religious order in the world!  Browse through our pages and you'll find some interesting facts about the Salesians in many parts of the world.  Mary Help of Christians

Don Bosco gathered a number of priests and lay people together to found a religious congregation in the Catholic Church. He called this congregation the Salesian Society. It was named after St. Francis de Sales who was known for his kind and gentle manner, a trait which Don Bosco wanted his Salesians to acquire.   He also chose Mary, Help of Christans, as the patroness of the Salesian Society.

Since that time, a large spiritual family has grown out of Don Bosco’s experience. Numerous groups look to him as a spiritual father as they try to spread the Gospel throughout the world. The Salesian Society represents the group which Don Bosco personally established to launch new approaches in new initiatives for the education of youth. But there are now many groups in the Salesian Family that have a wide influence in the world: the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (Salesian Sisters), Salesian Cooperators, Past Pupils of Don Bosco (Don Bosco Alumni), and Don Bosco Volunteers. These groups are at work on behalf of young people in every corner of the world.

All the groups within Don Bosco’s spiritual Family share his educational method, popularly called "the preventive system". It is not a system at all, but a lifestyle, an educational approach, a pastoral method, and a spiritual heritage. Significantly, Don Bosco’s example and educational methods have inspired a Gospel lifestyle which leads to holiness of life, as witnessed in the lives of saints who have embraced Don Bosco's experience and made it their own.

The Salesians can be found worldwide in many different initiatives on behalf of young people: schools, oratories, youth centers, technical and professional training centers, parishes, foreign missions, and activities in the realm of mass media and social communications.

Our Mission

When St. John Bosco founded the Salesians in 1859, his mission was clear and simple: to be a friend - a friend to kids who were poor, kids abandoned, kids at risk - and, in so doing, to be a friend to Christ.

Today, this Catholic religious organization continues doing the work of the Lord in the spirit of its founder - with over 40,000 Salesian priests, brothers, sisters, and lay people working in 120 countries all over the world.

Whether in Colombia, South America - or in Columbus, Ohio - the goal of the Salesians is the same: to give kids in need a chance at a full life.

Don Bosco (Italian for Father Bosco) left a legacy of love that is as strong today as it was over 100 years ago when he said, "It is enough that you are young for me to love you!"

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