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Alessi, Antonio. “Unless the Grain of Wheat…: The Life of Father Luigi Variara…,” trans. Innocent Clementi. Miami: St. Kieran's Church, 1997. Short life of Blessed Louis Variara, apostle to the lepers in Colombia. i + 39 pp pamphlet. $1.00

Aronica, Paul, SDB. “Little Chief of the Andes: A Biography of Blessed Ceferino Namuncurá.” 2d ed. 2007. Araucanian Indian youth from Argentina who wanted to become a Salesian priest and evangelize his people, beatified in 2007. 61-pp pamphlet. 978-0-89944-185-8 $7.00

Aronica, Paul, SDB. “A Man Sent by God.” 1988. 20-minute biography of St. John Bosco. 32-pp pamphlet. 0-89944-134-3 $1.50

Aubry, Joseph, SDB. “Savio: A Study Guide for Parents, Priests and Educators to accompany St. Dominic Savio by St. John Bosco,” trans. Joseph Boenzi, SDB. 1979. iv + 69 pp pamphlet. 0-89944-038-X $1.00
limited quantity

Avallone, Paul, SDB. “The Consecrated Woman: A Guide to the Don Bosco Volunteers, A Salesian Secular Institute.” 1983. Basic information on the DBVs, a Church-approved institute of consecrated life for lay women, founded in 1917. 27 pp pamphlet. 0-89944-075-0 $1.00 limited quantity

Avallone, Paul, SDB. Keys to the Hearts of Youth: Reason, Religion, Kindness. 1999. St. John Bosco's pastoral and educational mission: a spirituality and methodology. 140 pp pb 0-89944-376-1 $8.00

Balbi, Mario, SDB [ed.]. The Unpublished Don Bosco. 2005. Translation and updating of Fr. Michele Molineris's Don Bosco Inedito: background and anecdotes from the oral traditions of people associated with DB and their families; material not found in BM or other standard lives of the Saint. 644 pp pb (Xlibris) 1-4134-8691-6 $27.00

“Beyond the Classroom: Principles of Salesian Education for Parents and Teachers.” Outline of Don Bosco's educational method. 16-pp pamphlet. $1.00

Bosco, St. John. Biographies of Students Michael Magone & Francis Besucco, trans. Wallace Cornell. American edition of version published in the Philippines in 1986, with some notes by Fr. Cornell. Lives of two saintly youths of DB's Oratory, a companion volume to the life of Savio. Adults and teens. 143 pp pb 0-89944-186-6 $10.00

Bosco, St. John. The Life of St. Dominic Savio, trans. Paul Aronica. 3d ed. Notes and two appendices. 1996. A spiritual classic written for teens and Christian educators. Foreword by Molly Kelly. Adults and teens. 177 pp pb 0-89944-375-3 $8.00

Bosco, St. John. Memoirs of the Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales from 1815 to 1855, trans. Daniel Lyons. 2007. Amended version of 1989 translation. Foreword by Fr. Egidio Viganò. Updated but abridged introduction by Fr. Michael Mendl. DB's text without commentary. 192 pp pb 0-89944-184-X $12.00

Bosco, St. John. Memoirs of the Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales from 1815 to 1855. Dust jackets (printer's overrun) for 1989 cloth edition. $1.00

Bosco, St. John. “An Ounce of Prevention: Principles of Christian Education.” Don Bosco's brief essays on the Preventive System and on punishment. Reprinted 2007. 16 pp pamphlet $2.00

Bosco, St. John. The Spiritual Writings of St. John Bosco, ed. Joseph Aubry, trans. Joseph Caselli. 1984, reprinted 2006. Selections from his Memoirs, lives of young people, letters, sermons, Salesian Rule, and sayings. xviii + 392 pp pb 0-89944-049-5 $20.00

Bosco, Teresio, et al. The Children's Priest, illus. by Alarico Gattia. 1988. Life of DB in comic book form. 64 pp pb 0-89944-133-5 $1.50

Bosco, Teresio. Dominic Savio, trans. Silvano Borruso. 2006. Popular life of the teenager who was DB's pupil. 143 pp pb (Nairobi: Paulines) 9966-08-137-2 $6.00

Bosco, Teresio. Don Bosco: A New Biography, trans. Giuseppe Moja. 2005. Popular life of DB for adults using the latest resources (as of 1979, date of the Italian original). 467 pp (Mumbai: Tej-Prasarini) pb 81-87060-24-7 $35.00 hc 81-87060-25-5 $35.00 while stock lasts

Bosco, Teresio. Mamma Margaret, Mother of Don Bosco, trans. Julian Fox, SDB. 2006. Life of DB's saintly mother. 118 pp pb (Don Bosco Publications, England) 0-9548388-5-8 $13.00

Brown, Eugene, ed. Dreams, Visions & Prophecies of Don Bosco. [2d ed., without introduction, n.d.] Collected from the BM. Very valuable foreword by Morton Kelsey on the significance of dreams. Adults. xli + 286 pp pb 0-89944-093-2 $10.00

Ceria, Eugenio, SDB. Don Bosco with God, trans. Michael Smyth, SDB. 2008. A study of the interior life that underlay all of DB's activity. Since its initial publication in 1930, considered a classic of Salesian spirituality. Adults. 207 pp pb (Nairobi: Paulines) 9966-08-377-4 $15.00

Ceria, Eugenio, SDB. Profiles of Thirty-three Salesian Coadjutor Brothers, trans. Vincent Zuliani. 2005. Character sketches of the first brothers in the Society, most of them formed by Don Bosco. iii + 154 pp pb 0-89944-181-5 $10.00

Chavez, Pascual, SDB. “A Symphony of Love.” Homilies and talks of the Rector Major (some in full, some in summary) during his visit to the New Rochelle Province in Sept. 2007. Full-color photos. 60 pp pamphlet. $5.00

Cunningham, Michael J., SDB. Lost and Found: Spirituality for a Changing World. 2007. Proposes that religion is not primarily a doctrinal matter or moral matter-important though these are-but a mystical one. Today the mystical and the prophetic have to become one. Far from losing religion, this development will help us find its soul. 100 pp pb (Don Bosco Publications, England) 0-978-0-9548388-1 $20.00

Cunningham, Michael J., SDB. Within & Without: Renewing Religious Life. 2003. Former provincial of SDB British province reflects on meaning of religious life in the contemporary world. 96 pp pb (Don Bosco Publications, England) 0-9544539-0-5 $15.00 limited quantity

Desramaut, Francis. Don Bosco & the Spiritual Life, trans. Roger Luna. 1979, reprinted 2006. Scholarly study of Don Bosco's personal and educational spirituality. 348 pp pb 0-89944-022-3 $19.00

“Family of Holiness.” Short biographies of Blessed August Czartoryski, Blessed Eusebia Palomino, and Blessed Alessandrina da Costa, who were beatified in 2004. 20 pp pamphlet. $1.00 limited quantity

Fino, Catherine. Saint Francis de Sales, trans. Oliver Todd. Handsomely illus. book for youngsters (5th-grade reading level). Series “Along the paths of the Gospel.” 71 pp hc (Strasbourg: Editions du Signe, 2005) 2-7468-0464-6 $10.00

Forbes, F.A. Saint John Bosco, 1815-1888: The Friend of Youth. Very popular biography for teens and adults, first published 1941. Republished by TAN [2000]. xi + 209 pp pb 0-89555-663-4 $9.00

Franco, Angelo, SDB. Blessed Michael Rua: Faithful Disciple and First Successor of Saint J. Bosco. 2002. Rev. ed. of fine 1955 life and character study of DB's first successor. Adults. x + 358 pp pb 0-89944-180-7 $12.00

Johnston, Francis. Alexandrina: The Agony and the Glory. Life of Blessed Alexandrina da Costa, Salesian Cooperator, invalid, and mystic. 120 pp pb (TAN, 1982) 0-89555-179-9 $7.00

Klauder, Francis J., SDB. Aspects of the Thought of Teilhard de Chardin. Brief, positive essays on philosophical aspects of the Jesuit paleontologist-theologian. 151 pp cloth (North Quincy, Mass.: Christopher Publ., 1971) 8158-0259-5 $5.00 limited quantity

Klauder, Francis J., SDB, ed. Every Day with Saint Francis de Sales: Teachings and Examples from the Life of the Saint. 1985. Daily readings for reflection and prayer. Adults. xii + 378 pp pb 0-89944-082-7 $13.00

Klauder, Francis J., SDB. Knowledge of the Heart: A Christian Epistemology. An Integrated Study of Human Knowledge. Textbook introduction to the philosophy of knowledge. xxxi + 144 pp pb (Bangalore, India: Salesians, 1997) 81-900666-3-3 $5.00 limited quantity

Klauder, Francis J., SDB, and Matt Lawrence. A Marvelous Synthesis: A Tracing of the Perennial Philosophy. An introduction to the different philosophical disciplines. xii + 67 pp pb (Bangalore, India: Salesians, 1998) 81-87370-00-9 $5.00

Klauder, Francis J., SDB. The Wonder of the Real: A Sketch in Basic Philosophy. Updated and enlarged edition. Self-published, 1992. Textbook introduction to philosophy. 159 pp pb $5.00 limited quantity

Lappin, Peter, SDB. First Lady of the World. Survey of devotion to Mary from the Church's beginning up to Vatican II. 192 pp cloth 0-89944-098-3 $15.00 limited quantity pb 0-89944-091-6 $10.00

Lappin, Peter, SDB. Give Me Souls! Life of Don Bosco. Rev. ed. 1986. For adults, popular style. 368 pp pb 0-89944-087-8 $13.00

Lappin, Peter, SDB. Stories of Don Bosco. 2d ed. 1979. St. John Bosco's life told in episodic form. A best-seller since 1956. Junior and senior high. 264 pp pb 0-89944-036-3 $6.50

Lappin, Peter, SDB. Zatti! 1987. Life of Blessed Artemides Zatti, Salesian brother, missionary to Patagonia. 77 pp pb 0-89944-090-8 $2.50

Lemoyne, Giovanni Battista, SDB, et al. The Biographical Memoirs of St. John Bosco, trans. Diego Borgatello. 19 vols. Essential for full knowledge of Don Bosco. Each vol. cloth $35.00 to $45.00 (depending on length). Complete set purchase $675 (10% discount).

Lemoyne, Giovanni Battista, SDB, et al. The Biographical Memoirs of St. John Bosco. Dust jackets (printer's overruns) for vols. 3-8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19. $1.00 each.

Lenti, Arthur J., SDB. Don Bosco, His Pope and His Bishop: The Trials of a Founder. 2006. One essay-study of the relationship between St. John Bosco and Pope Pius IX based on DB's letters to the Pope and others, 1858-1872, and two essay-studies of the controversies between Abp. Gastaldi of Turin and DB during the years in which the saint sought the Holy See's approval of the Salesian Society. Carefully researched and meticulously documented, the book brings the period of the 1850s to 1880s alive, and presents a behind-the-scenes account of the most difficult period in DB's life. Originally published in the Journal of Salesian Studies. 252 pp pb (Rome: LAS) 88-213-0612-7 $25.00

Lenti, Arthur J., SDB. Don Bosco: History and Spirit. 7 volumes that will describe and assess DB's life and work in their historical, social, and ecclesiological context. Based on Fr. Lenti's courses at the Institute of Salesian Studies at Berkeley over a 20-year period, thoroughly revised by the author and edited by Fr. Aldo Giraudo of the UPS.
Vol. 1: Don Bosco's Formative Years in Historical Context. 2007. From DB's birth to ordination (1815-1841), with extensive historical, spiritual, biographical, and family background. xx + 498 pp pb with bibliography, notes, maps, charts, and illustrations. (Rome: LAS) 88-213-0645-3 $55.00
Vol. 2: Birth and Early Development of Don Bosco's Oratory. 2007. From DB's ordination to his firm establishment as the leader of the Turin oratories (1841-1852). xiv + 241 pp pb with bibliography, notes, map, charts, and illustrations. (Rome: LAS) 88-213-0657-7 $38.00
Vol. 3: Don Bosco: Educator, Spiritual Master, Writer and Founder of the Salesian Society. 2008. DB from roughly 1849 to 1861 as educator and spiritual master in the community of the Oratory youth hospice, with the beginnings of what develops into the Preventive System; as founder of the Salesian Society; as writer and publisher in defense of the Catholic faith-all this set against a background of social change and political revolution. 340 pp pb with bibliographies, illustrations, and notes. (Rome: LAS) 88-213-0671-6 $45.00
Vol. 4: Beginnings of the Salesian Society and Its Constitutions. 2008. In the political and ecclesiastical turmoil of 1861-1874 (Italian unification, Syllabus of Errors, Vatican I, Franco-Prussian War), DB continues the founding of the Salesian Society, going through a long, difficult effort to draft and win approval of the Constitutions. He contends with opponents in the Curia and with his own archbishops, especially his former ally Lawrence Gastaldi. 355 pp pb with bibliographies, illustrations, and notes. (Rome: LAS) 88-213-0680-8 $45.00
Vol. 5: Institutional Expansion. 2009. Broadly considering the educational setting of Italy from 1848, and of the left-leaning governments from 1876, to DB's death, this volume treats of Salesian growth in the peninsula and expansion into France and Spain. The boarding school becomes the primary Salesian apostolic work. In the context of the Marian piety of the time, DB's devotion to the Immaculate and the Help of Christians is treated, including the founding of the Daughters of MHC. DB conceives of lay religious who are equal to clerical members: the Salesian coadjutor brothers, treated not in DB's thought but up to mid-20th century. DB acts as an unofficial mediator between the Italian government and the Holy See to secure episcopal appointments. 382 pp pb bibliographies, illustrations, and notes. (Rome: LAS) 88-213-0697-6 $45.00

Mendl, Michael, SDB. “The Zeal of the Salesians Is Just the Thing…”: Founding the Salesian Work in New York. 1998. Study of the establishment of the Salesians in New York in historical context, 1883-1908. Scholarship but easy reading. iii + 122 pp notes, bibliography pb/plastic-bound 0-89944-174-2 $13.00

Monmarché, Carole. Saint John Bosco: The friend of children and young people, trans. Marianne Lorraine Trouvé, FSP. 1997. Handsomely illus. book for youngsters (5th-grade reading level). Series “Along the paths of the Gospel.” 71 pp hc 0-8198-7003-X $7.00

Morrison, John. The Educational Philosophy of St. John Bosco. 1979. The theory and practice of the Salesian style of education. Scholarly. vi + 258 pp pb 0-89944-050-9. $12.50

Murdoch, Ian. Starting Again from DB. 2009. Retreat conferences on the themes of Salesian GC26 with some reference also to GC25, given by accomplished historian/former provincial of Australia. Well illustrated. Intended for SDBs; useful for FMAs. 140 pp pb (Don Bosco Publications, England) 978-0-9555654-3-4 $22.00

Quinn, Al. Movies That Inspire: A Discussion Guide for Families and Groups. 1994. Collection of 31 movie guides, each offering an overview, scenes to watch for, and discussion questions. Adults, teens, families. iv + 220 pp pb 0-89944-318-4 $4.00 limited quantity

Peraza, Fernando, SDB, & Jorge Garcia. Getting to Know Don Bosco: An Introductory Study of the Life of Saint John Bosco, trans. Javier Aracil, SDB. Historical, geographical, and family background of DB, followed by sketch of his life guided by the Memoirs of the Oratory, up to his post-ordination pastoral studies in 1844. Contains many useful maps, charts and photos. vi + 104 pp pb 0-89944-183-1 $10.00

Rinaldi, Peter, SDB. By Love Compelled. 2d ed. 1992. Biography of Blessed Philip Rinaldi, Don Bosco's 3d successor. 215 pp + illus pb 0-89944-377-X $5.00 hc 0-89944-378-8 $10.00

Rinaldi, Peter, SDB. Man with a Dream. 1978. Good introduction to Don Bosco for adults or adolescents. 162 pp pb illus 0-89944-035-5 $5.00

Schiele, Robert. 15 Days of Prayer with Don Bosco, trans. Victoria Hebert and Denis Sabourin. 2001. A series of meditations based on DB's life and teachings. xiii + 103 pp pb (Liguori) 0-7648-0712-9 $6.00

Stella, Pietro, SDB. Don Bosco and the Death of Charles. See Don Bosco: Life and Work, below.

Stella, Pietro. Don Bosco: Life and Work, trans. John Drury. 1985; reprinted 2005. Scholarly-first historically critical study of Don Bosco, concentrating on theological, religious, and political background; appendix “Don Bosco and the Death of Charles” investigates the story of the Saint's raising a dead boy briefly back to life. 384 pp pb 0-89944-182-3 $25.00

Stella, Pietro, SDB. Don Bosco: Religious Outlook and Spirituality, trans. John Drury. 1996. Thought and practice of Don Bosco the writer, preacher, teacher, spiritual guide of the young, and founder in the religious and spiritual context of 19th-century Italy. 616 pp cloth 0-89944-161-0 $49.00 pb 0-89944-162-9 $36.00
Dust jackets for cloth edition, overruns of the original printing. $1.00.

Stella, Pietro, SDB. Don Bosco's Dreams: A Historico-Documentary Analysis of Selected Samples, trans. John Drury. 1996. Foundational research into the nature, purpose, and types of Don Bosco's dreams, the insights into his personality and pastoral practice that they offer, and the value of the texts that relate them. 116 pp cloth 0-89944-269-2 $20.00 pb 0-89944-270-6 $10.00

Wirth, Morand, SDB. Don Bosco & the Salesians, trans. David de Burgh. 1982. Popular style; thorough treatment of the development of the Salesians, Salesian Sisters, et al., from 1815 to Vatican II. 432 pp pb
0-89944-065-7 $4.00

Zerbino, Pietro. “The Venerable Vincenzo Cimatti SDB.” Bombay, 1996. 32 pp pb $1.00


Lives of Don Bosco
Biographical Memoirs of SJB (Lemoyne et al.)
The Children's Priest (comic)
Don Bosco: A New Biography (T. Bosco)
Don Bosco & the Salesians (Wirth)
Don Bosco: History & Spirit, vols. 1-5
Don Bosco: Life & Work (Stella)
Getting to Know Don Bosco (Peraza-Garcia)
Give Me Souls! (Lappin)
Les Memorie I de Giov. Batt. Lemoyne (Desramaut)
“A Man Sent by God” (Aronica)
Man with a Dream (Rinaldi)
Memoirs of the Oratory (J. Bosco)
St. John Bosco, 1815-1888 (Forbes)
St. John Bosco: Friend of children (Monmarché)
Stories of Don Bosco (Lappin)
Unpublished Don Bosco (Balbi)

Dreams of Don Bosco
Dreams, Visions & Prophecies of Don Bosco (Brown)
Don Bosco's Dreams (Stella)

Salesian Biography
Biographies of Students Magone & Besucco
Blessed Michael Rua
By Love Compelled (Rinaldi)
Dominic Savio (T. Bosco)
“Family of Holiness”
Un Grande Cuore (Variara)
The Life of St. Dominic Savio (DB)
“Little Chief of the Andes” (Namuncurá)
Mamma Margaret
Profiles of 33 Salesian Coadjutor Brothers
St. Francis de Sales
“Savio Study Guide”
“Unless the Grain of Wheat” (Variara)
“Venerable Vincenzo Cimatti”

Salesian History
Don Bosco & the Salesians
Don Bosco, His Pope & His Bishop
The Zeal of the Salesians

“Beyond the Classroom”
Educational Philosophy of St. John Bosco
Keys to the Hearts of Youth
“An Ounce of Prevention”
“A Symphony of Love”

Biographies of Students Magone & Besucco
“The Consecrated Woman”
Don Bosco & the Spiritual Life
Don Bosco: Religious Outlook & Spirituality
Don Bosco with God
Every Day with St. Francis de Sales
First Lady of the World
The Life of St. Dominic Savio (DB)
Lost and Found
Movies That Inspire
Starting Again from Don Bosco
“A Symphony of Love”
Within and Without

Aspects of the Thought of Teilhard de Chardin
Knowledge of the Heart
A Marvelous Synthesis
The Wonder of the Real

all in limited quantity

Belza, Juan Esteban. El Pastor de los Pobres y su Mitra de Plomo. La vida del Arzobispo Ricardo Pittini de Santo Domingo. (Santo Domingo, 1976) 288 pág. libro de bolsillo con fotos. $5.00

Bosco, Teresio, SDB. Don Bosco: Una biografía nueva, trad. Basilio Bustillo. Madrid: CCS, 1979. Impreso 1998. Una biografía popular y detallada basada en las últimas investigaciones académicas. Ilustrado. [Detailed popular biography based on the latest scholarly findings. Illustrated.] 456 pág., libro de bolsillo [paper] 84-7043-322-9 $20.00

Bosco, Teresio, SDB. Don Bosco: Una biografía nueva, trad. Basilio Bustillo. Edición para la juventud. Madrid: CCS 1980. Compendio de la publicación original. [Abridgement of the previous title.] 230 pág. libro de bolsillo [paper] 84-7043-321-0 $10.00

Fantozzi, Aldo. Mamá Margarita: La madre de Don Bosco, trad. Juan Manuel Espinosa. Madrid: CCS, 1996. Biografía popular de la santa madre de Don Bosco, utilizando las últimas investigaciones aca-démicas. [Popularly written biography of St. John Bosco's saintly mother, using the latest scholarship.] 253 pág. libro de bolsillo [paper] $10.00

González, Antonio. Domingo Savio. Resumen juvenil de la vida de Santo Domingo Savio. [Very brief life of St. Dominic Savio for younger readers.] Madrid: CCS, 1995. 113 pág. libro de bolsillo [paper] 84-7043-842-5 $5.00

Peraza Leal, Fernando, SDB. La Parroquia Salesiana en la iglesia particular: proceso histórico, situación y conflictos, características y aportes. 2d ed. Estudios Históricos 2. Quito: Centro Salesiano Regional, 1997. iv + 202 pág. libro de bolsillo 9978-04-277-6 $5.00


Castano, Luigi. Un Grande Cuore: Il servo di Dio Luigi Variara, Salesiano. Fondatore delle Suore Figlie de Sacri Cuori di Gesù e Maria, 1875-1923. (Turin: SEI, 1964.) Life of Blessed Louis Variara (in Italian). 361 pp hc $5.00 limited quantity


Desramaut, Francis. Les Memorie I de Giovanni Battista Lemoyne: Étude d'un ouvrage fondamental sur la jeunesse de saint Jean Bosco. Groundbreaking doctoral dissertation on Lemoyne's sources and how he used them to write the first volume of the Biographical Memoirs. xii + 504 pp pb (Lyons: Maison d'Etudes Saint Jean Bosco, 1962). $20.00 limited quantity


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The Cloak of Juan Diego. The story of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Made for TV. color 28 min.
VHS 1-55986-481-8 $19.95 DVD -55986-480-X $19.95

Don Bosco. Home-family version of made-for-TV film, starring Ben Gazarra and Patsy Kensit. Directed by Leandro Castellani. color 113 min. VHS 1-55986-827-9 $24.95 DVD 1-55986-826-0 $24.95

Don Bosco: Founder of the Salesian Congregation. The classic 1936 black and white film. Directed by Goffredo Alessandrini. 82 min. DVD 1-55986-260-2 $19.95

Saint John Bosco: Mission to Love. 2004 Luxvide made-for-TV film with Flavio Insinna as DB. Directed by Lodovico Gasparini, color 200 min. (Ignatius) DVD 978-5617-211-4 $24.95

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St. John Bosco
Color print. Head and upper body. “Sancte Johannes Bosco ora pro nobis.” Turin. 13.75" x 19.625" $4.00
Color print. Head and upper body. “Saint John Bosco pray for us.” lithograph Paterson. 9" x 12" $2.00
Giorgio Rocca pencil sketch. DB w/biretta. Autographed. 13.75" x 19.625" $7.50

Mary Help of Christians
Print of Giorgio Rocca pencil sketch. Madonna w/crying child. Autographed. 13.75" x 19.625" $7.50

Dream of the Two Columns
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Blessed Michael Rua
Color canvas. 28.125" x 38.25" $10.00
Color painting on canvas texture stock. Head. 14.25" x 21" $5.00

$1.00 each

Bosco, Memoirs of the Oratory, 1989 cloth ed.

Biographical Memoirs of SJB, vols. 3-8, 10, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19

Stella, Don Bosco: Religious Outlook and Spirituality, cloth ed.