Strenna 2019: “‘So that my joy may be in you’ (John 15:11). Holiness for you, too!”

18 Jul 2018

(ANS – Rome – July 13) – On July 13 Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime released the presentation of the 2019 Strenna. “This is a great opportunity to offer several notes for the development of the theme. There is no other pastoral element that the Rector Major offers, in the name of Don Bosco, to the whole Salesian world.” Theme for the 2019 journey of the Salesian Family is, “‘So that my joy may be in you’ (John 15:11). Holiness for you, too.”

Although it is the Rector Major’s task to prepare and present the text each year, Fr. Fernandez emphasizes that this strenna “is the fruit of a dialog in the world council of the Salesian Family which, fortunately and by grace, has much to do with this ecclesial moment of the [youth] synod, and also with the last appeal that the document of the synod launched on the theme of holiness.”

The document presented today to the Salesian world consists of nine paragraphs. In the seventh, the Rector Major insists on an essential reality of holiness, and he does it through a question: “What does ‘holiness for you too’ mean?” It is an exciting topic that this question offers, and even more exciting is the answer proposed to each of the Salesian Family members. “Holiness is not an optional ‘extra,’ and a goal only for some. It is life to the full, according to God’s plan and gift. It is therefore a path of humanization.”

Daily sanctity has become a reality in the lives lived to the full through the Salesian charism. We are thus invited not to forget that in the course of history Salesian holiness has become visible, embodied with the proper names of people: Zeman, Stuchly, Lustosa, Zatti, Srugi, Sandor, Lunkenbien and Simão Bororo, Comini, Ana María Lozano, Laura Vicuña, Alexandrina Maria da Costa, among many others.

Fr. Fernandez goes on to say that the presentation of Strenna 2019 “is a magnificent opportunity to be in harmony with the summons that the Holy Father addresses in his apostolic exhortation Gaudete et exsultate, which has much to do with our Salesian charism. Don Bosco was a great teacher in this sense, with the ability to inspire and accompany his children on the paths of daily holiness.”

“What is important is to be holy, not to be declared as such,” emphasizes the Rector Major. “The canonized saints are like the façade of a church; but the church contains many precious treasures inside, which remain invisible, however.”

The full presentation of the strenna of the Rector Major for 2019 is available. Click Here